Mini Patio Mix Kit, Medium Bulk Pack + Ebook & Shipping!

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A favorite for miniature gardening! Create a custom patio in perfect scale anywhere you like. 

Perfect for Miniature Garden workshops, centerpieces or your next garden party! 

The Mini Patio Mix Kit is easy to use and you can build it right in your container or in the garden bed.

Make patios of any shape or size.

Create winding paths through your fairy garden. 

How Long Will It Take To Do?

The Mini Patio Mix takes only minutes to install right in the miniature garden and goes together dry, so you have time to make your mosaic pattern perfect before you "lock" your design in permanently. Create with different colored tile or stone - or your grandmother's broken china!

How Much Will It Make?

This kit is ideal for 6 large size patios of 8” long x 4” wide x 3/4” deep.

You can make the patios smaller and make more patios, or bigger. You can create patios and pathways of any size and customize it for place you are building your garden!

What the Difference Between Other Patio Mixes, Cements or Grouts?

Simply Put: Scale & Ease

Scale is the most important factor for realism in the miniature garden. If one element is out of scale, it can throw the enchantment off and you'll lose that "Aha!" moment that delights and captures the viewer's imagination.

Our Mini Patio Mix is made with a type of sand that is only available here in the Pacific Northwest. (Honestly, we've tried to get it made in China but the sand was awful! And, we've tested the copy-cats too and found their mix chunky and out of scale.) 

Our Mini Patio Mix Kit is much easier to use than cement or grout because it we work with it while the Mix is dry, so we have plenty of time to get our patterns and mosaic just-right before we "lock it in" for good!






What Else Do I Need to Know About It?

This Mini Patio Mix can work with tile, marble, glass, miniature brick, stone, pennies and just about anything else you can think of to make patios with in your miniature or fairy gardens.

This Mini Patio Mix Kit comes with an instant downloadable PDF on "How to Make a Mini Garden" - by Janit Calvo


- 10 lbs Mini Patio Mix
- 2.5 lbs of miniature sand

- 10 feet linear feet border, uncut!
- 20 Skewers

- Full color instructions for How To Make a Mini Garden ebook, PDF included!
- PDF will be available to download once the order is completed
- PDF can be printed out on your printer, or saved to your computer/machine.

- Free Shipping for the United States ONLY! 

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