Ordering FAQs

Find a BUNCH of frequently asked questions here about ordering plants as well as how we do what we do.

I know I haven't answered every question but I hope I've given you enough information so you can get to know us a little better. 

TGT is not like your average online store that hides behind our website, do let me know if I've missed your question. - Janit


We rarely have issues with our attention to details but "stuff happens" and we like to blame the fairies. If you ever have any with our products or service, please don't come-out shooting. We never mean to upset anybody nor to appear like we are taking advantage of you. 

Mistakes or oversights can always be fixed, corrected or figured out. There are people are at the other end of your email or your phone call. Please and thank always go a long way. Writing in all-caps is yelling and, it's really nice to be address by name, especially if you've been a customer of ours for awhile. Kindness really matters.

Email: Info @ TwoGreenThumbs.com or Text/Call: 206 352 0494

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General Questions

Where are you located? Can I visit?

We are in Seattle, Wa., and we work out of our home right now. We do not have public access nor open houses at this time. Any notifications or events will be broadcast through our Mini Garden Gazette newsletter. You can join us here. 


What are your hours?

We are a team of two with other jobs. If you want to connect with one of us directly, please leave a phone message, (206-352-0494) or email (info@twogreenthumbs.com) and we will get back to you.


How can I reach you?

Email is preferred: Info @ TwoGreenThumbs.com

Phone – Pacific Standard Time: 206 - 352 - 0494 


Do you have a printed catalog?

No. We are not able to have a printed catalog because our products are often limited in supply. Our online store acts as our current catalog.

 All our plants, trees, shrubs and accessories are not all available at all times and the best time to buy something you like, is when you see it.


I tried emailing you but it says your inbox is full - ? 

Emailing Photos? Your photos are too big. A lot of camera phones take large-sized photos automatically. If you don’t know how to send a smaller photo. Use the setting within the camera/gallery to send it to us, it should optimize the photo automatically for you. (I’m not familiar with every brand of camera phone so this info may vary somewhat.)

Not Emailing Photos? Our inbox is indeed full. We love our customers and they love to send us photos and sometimes we don’t know if our mailbox has filled up. Please try emailing us with this address: Steve@TwoGreenThumbs.com


Do you sell wholesale?

Not at this time.


Do you have quantity discounts? 

Quantity discounts depend upon what product. 

 Miniature Garden with Adirondack Bench

About Shipping

Is shipping plants safe? Do you know how to?

We’ve been shipping plants since 2004 and we have the best packer in the business called Steve - we would enter him into any plant shipping contest and win. Our shipping methods are like no other and our plants arrive in perfect condition, 98% of the time. The 2% is usually the box getting dropped or damaged during shipment. (Honestly. Steve is very OCD about his packing.)

We use USPS Priority Mail for our delivery service and get delivered with the regular mail. More often than not, the box only has 2 to 3 days to get to you so it doesn’t have a chance to sit anywhere inappropriate for the plants. 

Then it’s up to you, at your end, to receive the box right away, and unpack the plants immediately to get them light and air. Unpacking instructions are included in each plant order.


When do you ship plants?

We ship all year long because we can. Almost all of our plants are hardy enough to send through the mail in the winter. And we simply don’t sell any non-hardy plants in the cold months so all the plants you see in the store are ship-able.


Why is shipping so expensive?

Sometimes our online store calculator “packs” the order differently than Steve can – and charges for it accordingly. If we can ship your order for less, we will and we’ll refund the overages once we know the difference.

Note that we don’t charge any handling or packing fees and the postage charges are for the postage only – we don’t make any money from these charges.

Our store’s online postage calculator is linked up directly to USPS for their rates.

MORE TIPS: It’s the weight of the products that usually skew the shipping charges within the online store. We can usually switch your order to a flat-rate box and save money for you – which we will do if we can.


Why do you only offer USPS shipping? Why not UPS or FedEx?

USPS – or the United States Postal Service – is the best and least expensive option to ship our plants simply because we can take advantage of their Priority Mail service that normally delivers in 2 or 3 days. (Although the 2 to 3 day shipping is not guaranteed, it is often on right on schedule.)

2 to 3 day shipping via UPS is at least two times the cost of USPS. The same shipping via FedEx is close to three times the cost of USPS.

If you want to receive it via any other courier, like UPS and FedEx, there will be THEIR postage charge – multiply 2 or 3 times the cost of USPS - plus a $15 handling fee as it takes us out completely of our way to use a different courier.  (For quantity orders over $500 we will calculate the best way to ship.)


Why does it cost so much to ship?

We ask the same thing. Our shipping costs are based on USPS current pricing and we do NOT add any shipping or handling fees.


Do you offer any free shipping?

We can only offer free shipping on some of our kits because we can take advantage of USPS’ flat-rate boxes. Otherwise we are not able to offer free shipping nor can we compete with the big box stores either. We simply do not have the same volume to negotiate lower postage rates with the post office.


I can see I paid for it, but where’s my order?

We are 98% on time - most of the time! However, during our busy seasons, as well as over some holiday weekends, your order may take up to 7 business days to get to you. Our aim is a 3 to 5 day turnaround.

But, we are human and sometimes get really backed-up during our super busy season. Please email us with any questions regarding your order: Info@TwoGreenThumbs.com.


I see I paid for my order, but I didn’t receive any confirmation?

Check your spam folder or your promotions in your email program. If you haven't ordered before your program won't recognize our email address. 

If you don’t know where the folder is, do a Google search for, “where is my _____ folder in my [name of email program]?

This store uses the emails: Steve@TwoGreenThumbs.com and Info@TwoGreenThumbs.com, if you want to add us to your preferred sender list.


I paid for Priority Mail, why haven’t I received my package?

Priority Mail is the term the United States Post System now calls their services. It does not mean you get "priority" over anyone else's order. It's just what they call it.

Anything over 1 pound gets shipped by Priority Mail. They have done-away with Parcel Post. We are not able to send any order over a pound any other way.

If you want to receive it via any other courier, like UPS and FedEx, there will be a surcharge, unless its a very large order. 

We choose to stay with USPS because they are least expensive, 98% reliable and they usually get your orders to you within 3 days at most. We've priced other services and USPS is our choice to save you money, ship your plants to you safely and quickly.


How long does it take to pack my order? 

We are 98% on time - most of the time! However, during our busy seasons, as well as over some holidays when the post office is closed, your order may take up to 7 business days to get packed and shipped. Our aim is a 3 to 5 day turnaround on average. If you need your order faster, just let us know in the comment box when checking out, or reply to the order confirmation email and let us know.

- Extreme Weather – We do monitor the weather across the country and adjust our shipping accordingly. Likewise, we depend upon you to help with this as well and to let us know when your area is experiencing extreme weather conditions that may delay delivery.

But, we are human, and we sometimes get backed-up during our super busy seasons. Please email us with any questions regarding your order: Info@TwoGreenThumbs.com


How long does it take for my order to actually ship?*

It depends upon your shipping choice. After receiving your shipping confirmation, if the order ships by:

- USPS First Class – for small, lightweight items – 1 to 3 days.

- USPS Priority Mail – 2 to 3 days but not guaranteed.

- USPS Express Mail – Pronto! We’ve had same-coast orders show up the same day. Email us to let us know you’ve chosen Express Mail so we can get it packed faster (no extra charge.)

- USPS International Mail – Depends upon the season. Holidays can take up to one month, otherwise it’s a 2 to 3 weeks average. Longer for more remote locations.


I'm in the Seattle area, may I pick up my order?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer public access at this time but we hope to have a retail spot sometime in the future. Please join our Mini Garden Gazette email list to get any notices of pop-up shops or in-person retail experiences.


Can I make changes to my order?

As long as the order isn’t packed yet, we can make changes to your order.

Please email us as to what the changes are right away, or give is a call and leave a message with your requests and we’ll go from there. Note that any add-ons may increase the cost of shipping but we will calculate the best way to ship to keep your postage costs down.


I received my order and my plants look very sad, what do I do? 

1.) Take a photo of the plant and the box, if there was any damage to the box - and send it to us so we can advise you.

2.) Assess the soil in each pot:

- Does the plant feel really lightweight? If so, soak it in a bucket of water overnight.
- Does the soil look really wet or moist? Put the plants in a shady dry spot for a couple of days.

3.) Email us the photo and which plant didn’t make it right away.

- info@TwoGreenThumbs.com  OR

- Steve @ TwoGreenThumbs.com  PLEASE NOT BOTH


I need my order fast - is there a surcharge for expedited shipping?

No - within reason. Just email us that you need it fast and we’ll make it happen as best as we can. Info@TwoGreenThumbs.com

Note that “Priority Mail” says 2 to 3 day shipping but USPS doesn’t guarantee that, so if you really need your order super-fast, please choose Priority Mail Express and then email us. (We don’t see the shipping method until the order is printed out, in the order they come in so we need your cooperation to know that you want it faster.)


What do I do when I get my box of plants?

Please allow a few minutes to unpack your plants. For larger plant order, please note that it will take you some time to unpack and unwrap the plants.

Remove staples that are holding the plants in place by cutting slits in the tape above each staple, from outside the box, on each side.

Use a knife or similar to remove all the staples before reaching your hands inside the box.

Remove all items from box carefully, do not pull or use force. Remove any taped items by holding the tape and pulling gently or use a knife or scissors cut the tape, do not hold and pull the item as it may be a miniature.

Remove the plants by pulling gently on the pot, not the plant.

 Unwrap each plant and keep the wrapping separated from your unwrapped items as you unpack the box. The tiny miniature accessories may get overlooked, lost or thrown-out by mistake.


What do I do after I unpack my plants? Can I plant them right away?

Give the plants light, air & water if needed. You can judge the moisture level of the root ball by the weight of the pot.

If ordering in the fall through the winter: Introduce the plants to your temperatures slowly to avoid extreme changes in light and air temperature. Adjust gradually for at least 3 to 4 days.

All our plant material leaves here in perfect condition and unfortunately we cannot control the journey. If the root-ball arrives completely dried-out, soak the planted pot in a bucket of tepid water for several hours, or until it sinks to the bottom of the pail. Wash any soil or debris from the foliage with a hose or spray bottle.

You have 24 hours to report any damage during shipment. Info@TwoGreenThumbs.com



Happy Birthday in the Miniature Garden

About Returns

I bought the wrong-sized accessory, may I return it?

Yes, just wrap it up so it won’t break during transit and send it back. We’ll send you a new one. And we’ll gladly meet you half way too, if it’s within reason: if you pay for postage on your end to get it to us, we’ll pay for the postage on our end, to get it back to you. 

Remember to wrap it well, we can’t refund broken items. Please use the same wrapping the item came in, if you can.


My order arrived damaged, what do I do?

Take a photo of the item(s) and the box and email it to us. We’ll take it from there.

Note that our trees and plants are guaranteed during shipment. info@TwoGreenThumbs.com

Any refunds or replacements are our choice to make, but we try to work with you with any reasonable request.


I tried emailing you photos but your inbox is full - ?

Your photos are too big. A lot of camera phones take large-sized photos automatically. If you don’t know how to send a smaller photo. Use the setting within the camera/gallery to send it to your email program, it should optimize the photo automatically for you. (I’m not familiar with every brand of camera phone so this info may vary somewhat.)

If you still can’t email us photos, please email us without the photos so we know you are trying to get in touch with us. Steve@TwoGreenThumbs.com and info@TwoGreenThumbs.com. And let us know what you are using to send so we can advise you.


I bought a plant from you 3 months ago and it’s dying, can I have a replacement?

We have no control over the plant once it leaves our studio in Seattle. We do guarantee our plants during delivery and any damage needs to be reported within 24 hours of receiving the shipment.

BUT - is it fall or spring? See this blog post on our Mini Garden Guru blog here.

BUT - is it JUST starting to turn brown. See the post here.

We try to educate and spread the word about plant maintenance wherever we can. We have books, ebooks, videos and a newsletter that are available too. We are also available by email for any questions you may have.

Otherwise, we would go out of business if we replaced every plant that died while in someone else’s care for the life of the plant. Note that isn’t unusual at all. If you bought a vase from Ikea and broke it 3 months later, they won’t take it back either.


Do you ship to Canada? Or internationally?

Accessories, books and patio materials only.

Unfortunately we are not able to send any plant material across the borders. It incurs a $75 USDA inspection fee and we just can’t guarantee they’ll arrive alive without expedited shipping that would cost your arm or leg - whether we are shipping to Canada or Europe.

We can, however, ship our kits and accessories internationally. The online store will calculate the shipping costs when you check out of the shopping cart.

For any item that includes shipping, that is for the lower 48 states and Alaska only. You will need to pay for extra shipping to get it to you.

Note that anything heavy, like our patio kits and stone, will increase the shipping quickly, when shipping outside the United States.


Father's Day in the Miniature Garden

About Ordering Plants

How do I know what zone I am in?

1.) To find our what your hardiness zone is, Google "USDA zone for [zip code]

2.) For the hotter states, there is a “heat zone” rating that you can use. Google "Heat zone for [your state]"


How do I know how fast a plant can grow? 

This depends upon which plant as all plants are different, like we are! 

For the ground covers - aka ‘Miniature Bedding Plants - this has a mixed answer, because it really depends upon when you are planting and where you live. AND this is a very general answer, because each plant is different.

Warm Months / Southern States: Your ground-cover may grow at least double the size in one full season. 

Cool Months / Colder States: Your ground-cover plants will just establish itself, and wait for the warmer months to grow.

The Garden Rule of Ground Covers:
The first year they sleep.
The second year they creep.
The third year they leap.


So for our purposes of gardening in miniature, aim to divide our plants after every second or third year if you want to keep them small and in-check. And, divide them in late winter if you can, so they will look the best in the springtime, when you need it most.

For larger, in-ground gardens, you might like the ground covers to spread out but do divide them every 3 years or so, to prevent them from going brown in the middle of the plant. You'll also find that they'll root themselves along their stems, and you can cut-away these sections and treat as new plants as well. 

For our Trees and Shrubs – The growth rate is stated in every listing in the online store. Keep in mind that the growth for some plants may slow down when planted/kept in a container, similar to Bonsai. All our trees will grow, so we focus on the slower-growing trees and / or trees that can be trimmed back each year to slow down the growth rate. (This is not for all trees. It depends upon the tree.


I want to cover a large area with one ground cover, what do I do?

Consult your local independent garden center first and ask them about preparing the area for planting, what amendments do you need. Then have a watering system figured out. Both of these things are critical before you invest the time, money and energy into ordering plants from us (or anyone else, for that matter.)

Otherwise, our shipping system does best with multiples of 8 or 9 plants to get the most value from your shipping costs. 

How quickly the ground cover spreads depends upon which plant. 


When is the best time to plant a miniature garden?

The best time to plant depends upon where you are planting!

A miniature garden in a container can be planted at any time of year. If you plant an outdoor garden in the middle of winter, just make sure the temperatures remain relatively consistent for the plants. You can take everything inside the house or garage to get the garden together, but then return the planted garden outside for the plants to stay happy. It’s the inconsistency of the temperatures and the humidity levels that will compromise the plant’s health.

An in-ground miniature garden can be planted whenever the ground isn’t frozen AND if there is any extreme heat as well. The very best times are the fall and the spring. In the fall, the plants will get a chance to situate themselves before going dormant for the winter. The spring is also a fun time to plant just make sure the plants get enough water and maintain the watering throughout the summer months whenever the ground is barely damp. Don’t let the soil dry out completely, especially during the in-ground garden’s first year.


Where do you get your plant & hardiness information?

The information is compiled on the website by Janit who uses the growers’ information, cross-reference with the American Horticultural Society’s A to Z encyclopedia plus her own experience of working with these plants for the last two decades.

But if Janit can’t find the right information, she jumps onto the Internet and calls up reliable university website horticultural extensions to double-check.

99.9% of the photos on all the websites are by Janit Calvo.


Tiny Miniature Gardens for Gift Giving!

About Ordering Accessories

How do I know what scale to use?

We use a simplified version of the dollhouse miniature scales, “Small, Medium and Large.” It is as follows:

Large Size = 1” scale (also written as one-inch scale, 1/12th scale or 1:12 scale)
Medium Size = ½” scale (also written as half-inch scale, 1/24 or 1:12 scale)
Small Size = ¼” scale (also written as quarter-inch scale, 1/48 or 1:48 scale)


And Janit’s easy guide is as follows:

For pots less than 4” wide - use Small Size
For pots 4” to 8” wide - use Medium Size
For pots 8” and larger - use Large Size
For all in-ground gardens - use Large Size.


This is just a guide. You do grow your own world after all. But these measurements are in a natural proportion to the pot so the accessory won’t look like it is lost in the garden, nor will the accessory be too big to fit the scene.

In-ground gardens are usually viewed from several feet away, so anything smaller than the large-size (one-inch scale) may not been seen nor appreciated from afar - and lost quickly in the foliage.


How do I know what size the accessory is in the photo?

Janit has the measurements of all the accessories in the copy in each listing. She includes the scale and usually has a photo with her fingers in it to tell the scale of the miniature visually.

If you are not finding this information in the listing, please contact us, it’ll tell us what we’ve missed. info@TwoGreenThumbs.com.


I bought the wrong-sized accessory, may I return it?

Yes, just wrap it up so it won’t break during transit and send it back. We’ll send you a new one. We gladly meet you half way: if you pay for postage on your end to get it to us, we’ll pay for the postage on our end, to get it back to you.


How do I keep my accessories from fading in the sun?

A lot of time and effort is spent to ensure our miniature garden accessories are weatherproof or waterproof – if not, at least they will age naturally and gracefully or they can be renewed and reused.

BUT all paint eventually fades in the sun and that’s just a fact that we work with. So to keep your resin miniatures at their brightest, we advise using UV Protectant spray (available at your local hardware store,) twice a year: once in early spring before you put them out, and again in mid-summer.

See our Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop Book for ways to renew, redo and reuse your faded accessories and miniature houses. It’s not only fun, it will add something completely original to your miniature garden and keep it out of the landfill too.


I didn’t realize your accessories are staked, how do I remove it?

We can always remove it for you if we know to!

You can remove the metal stake by gripping the stake firmly with a pair of pliers, twist it to snap the stake from the glue and gently pull it out.

If you break the stake while removing it, using a pair of wire cutters, snip the stake off, as close to the item as possible. Using sand paper, you can sand the metal down to make the bottom smooth.

BE CAREFUL when holding on to the accessory while doing this as some miniatures are more fragile than others. Always hold on to it at the base, or at a solid section of the miniatures. Never be too forceful with any miniatures - it’s just a miniature, after all.


Christmas in the Miniature Garden

About Our Ebooks / Downloads

I didn't get my download! HELP! 

More often than not, you did, you just need to find it. To find out where your download went, please use Google and search for “where are my downloads on my [name of tablet or computer]” and it should come up.

For iPads:

1. At the top of your iBooks in your iPad there is a little arrow next to word Books, (I think it says books, it might say eBooks.) Tap that and you’ll see a drop-down menu with PDFs in it. Tap that and you should see your downloads. If it is there - please disregard the rest of this email.

2. If that doesn’t work. It may be your internet connection - some are large files. It might take a few minutes to download and if your connection times-out, it might not work. See if you can keep your connection “awake” for the download by not letting the screen go to sleep by touching it or scrolling during the download. 

3. If that doesn’t work it could be your mail account. Please send another email address for us to try. Gmail is free and we know it works.

IF ALL THIS FAILS: We can "reload" your ebooks for you so please don't worry if you mess it up. OR we can email you the ebook directly if you mail program will allow it (some of them are big files.) OR we can use another email address too. Either way, we can work with you to get it to you! 


In the Miniature Garden

About Starting the Hobby

I want to garden in miniature but don’t have any ideas to start with, how do I begin?

  • Figure out WHERE you are going to grow the plant first. Then choose the size of pot - and that will govern what you choose to plant. This will help you decide on the size and your color scheme first, then you can think about what theme would suit that spot as well. Do you want it to welcome your guests by the front door where you can decorate it seasonally? Or do you want a cute indoor garden by the front window in your living room?
  • Then figure out what kind of light that spot gets during the day, then you can narrow-down your plant choices by light & zone. We have plant’s listed for sun & shade, indoors or by zone here, in the right-hand menu in our online store. 
  • Pick a theme. A fun place to start is - well, in the garden! How about a bird theme and you can include a birdbath and birdhouse along with a bench for you to sit in? A beach them would require driftwood logs, sand and an Adirondack bench. A formal theme might include a classic sculpture with a nice chair...
  • Once you get started, your miniature garden possibilities will start flowing freely. As with anything creative, there is power and momentum in beginning. 


I don’t know how to garden, where do I start?

Janit’s first book, Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World book is the perfect primer for a beginner gardener. The book is set up to step you through all the garden basics and gives you the information you need to not only begin gardening, but to maintain and thrive as well. See it up in the online store here.  https://twogreenthumbs.com/collections/book-info/products/mini-garden-information-gardening-in-miniature-book

Another great resource is Janit’s blog. Here is her Miniature Garden 101 Series that covers all the basic-basics to think about before starting a miniature garden. See it here. https://minigardener.wordpress.com/2020/07/10/miniature-gardening-101-the-dirt/


What’s the best way to choose a plant?

Decide WHERE you are going to grow the your miniature garden, THEN you can narrow-down your choices by light & zone that suit that spot.

“Right plant for the right place” is the golden garden rule. We have our miniature garden plants listed for sun & shade, indoors or by zone up in our online store.


Miniature Garden Trees and Shrubs

About Growing

What kind of soil do I use?

For containers, use potting soil with no water-retaining polymers nor extra fertilizers.

Unfortunately, in the last couple of years, smaller soil companies think they have to compete with the evil Miracle-Gro soil (by Scotts, now owned by the even worse scourge on this earth: Montesanto Corp and now its Bayer - two in the same in my opinion!) and are putting unnecessary soil amendments in their soil too. Ick.

SO please look for smaller, local soil companies in your area for the just potting soil. 

I bought some plants from you last season, and now one of them looks sick. What to do?

If one of your plant aren’t looking happy after being planted for a couple/few weeks, it’s best to start figuring out why it is declining, rather than “wait to see what happens.”

Here are our top two concerns:

Did you use the right kind of soil? - Any type of fortified soil, with extra fertilizers and water-retaining polymers, like Miracle-Grow are not good for our conifers. The fertilizers may burn their roots and the water-retaining polymers will not let their roots get the breathing-room that they need to flourish.

If this is the case, switch the soil immediately. Look for regular potting soil with not extras in it. If you don’t have any right away, you can “heel it in” to some bark mulch, or tuck it into another pot if you can. Keep the roots covered and damp until you can repot it properly - asap.

Did you break up the rootball enough before planting? - Poke around the base of the plant and see if you can get your finger down into the soil at least 1” deep. Is it really dry? Then the inside of the rootball isn’t getting the water it needs. I would pull it out and, using a fork, stab the rootball and twist the fork to separate the roots and loosen the soil. Do this on all sides of the rootball. Soak it in a bucket of water. Repot it but be careful to get new potting soil (see above) in the air pockets of the root ball. Any air pockets in the rootball will stress out those roots and become invitations for pests and disease.

Other questions to consider:

  • Is it in the right spot? ("Right plant in the right place!")
  • Did you order plants for your zone?
  • Are you watering too much?
  • Are you watering too little?


Is it fall or spring? See this blog post on our Mini Garden Guru blog here.

Is it JUST starting to turn brown. See the post here.


I can’t find information for my tree that I bought from you?

Our plants and products rotate throughout each year. We take-down any listing that is sold-out so as not to tease our customers with something that they can’t get. We are working on a directory as soon as the technology allows. We recommend printing out the information page on each plant that you purchase.

But if you miss this step when ordering, and need more information about your trees or plants, please email us and we’ll send it to you. info@TwoGreenThumbs.com


How do I know I'm watering correctly?

Our rule-of-thumb is to let the soil dry out to barely damp, like wrung-sponge damp, before watering again. This is for container and in-ground gardens. 

But the plant will tell you and for some plants, it might be too late. 


How do I know if a plant is established?

A drought-tolerant plant is an established plant but this is only for in-ground gardens. Allow one full year for a new plant to get established in the landscape before considering it "drought tolerant." NOTE that most plants will need help in the driest month to stay healthy. Drought tolerant is just that - it's tolerant, not bullet-proof! 

If you are dividing plants and waiting for them to get established: wait to see new growth before considering the plant safe enough to grow normally. 

No plant is "established" in a container. You'll still need to water and feed it. 


When do I fertilize?

In-ground gardens don't need fertilizing. Just keep the heath of the soil up by adding some compost mulch every year.  

For containers, there are usually enough nutrients in fresh potting soil to last for 2 to 3 year before needing any fertilizing. After that, you can apply a mild fertilizer in the spring but keep the fertilizer mild - you don't want the miniature garden plants to grow quicker than necessary.


My tree was flowering when I got it, now it’s not. What happened?

Unfortunately flowers are fleeting on any flora. :o) Flowers happen only at certain times of year for any plant. If you received a plant that was “in flower” and now it’s not, it’ll flower again next year.

In general, flowers create the seeds which continues the life cycle of the plant. It takes energy for the plant to flower which is why plants don't flower all the time as they'll wear themselves out by doing so.

For ground cover plants, deadheading encourages more flowers - but note that it doesn’t work for trees or shrubs, only perennials.

Deadheading means snipping off the spent flowers. It also meant following the Grateful Dead. Which was too fun, but I digress... :o) 


Thanksgiving in the Miniature Garden

About Our Mini Garden Gazette 

What is this Mini Garden Gazette?

The Mini Garden Gazette is the only newsletter dedicated to the joy of Gardening in Miniature, written by Janit Calvo, since 2004. It's published "almost" every week and it usually sent out on Fridays. 

Sometimes I miss sending it out on Fridays so I'll send it on Saturdays. On occasion, I'll miss sending one out altogether when the newsletter gods don't allow it - no matter how hard I try. :o)


I follow you on your social media, is that the same?

Nope. Our subscribers get first dibs, deals and discounts. The socials are just for pretty pictures and inspiration. 


Is the Mini Garden Gazette free?

Yes. And will always be as long as we can help it. We do ask for the odd cup of coffee now and then, if you enjoy our infotainment because we do this for a living. This helps keep it free. 


I’m not getting my Mini Garden Gazette anymore! Are you still sending it?

Yes! Check your spam folder in your email program. If you don’t know where your spam folder is, do a Google search for, “where is my spam folder in my [name of email program]? It is sent from the email address: info@TwoGreenThumbs.com


How do I sign up for your Mini Garden Gazette newsletter?

Here's the link and how to sign up for the Mini Garden Gazette right on this website! Click here.

Here's how to sign up:

  • Click the above link

  • Scroll down a bit to get to the form

  • Enter your name and email address in the form half-way down the page

  • You will receive a confirmation via your email address

  • Open the email

  • Click on the confirmation link 

  • You will get a link to the 'Thank You' page so you know you're signed up!

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Want More?

Where can I learn more about miniature gardening?

The Mini Garden Guru blog is here.

The primer, the top-selling book for the hobby, is here.

Some ebooks for instant download are here.


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I LOVE this hobby! Where I can learn even MORE about miniature gardening?

The only DIY project-book for the hobby is here.

The Miniature Garden Society is here.


A Miniature Garden Farm 

Social Media / Connecting

How can I find you on Social Media? Find the icons for all our social channels underneath the menu at the right.


Why can’t I post on your Facebook page?

We are a one and a half person team here at TwoGreenThumbs.com. Janit is full time and does everything while Steve is part time until we need him, he packs the orders and does the errands. We simply don’t have the resources to maintain a public page, to keep the spam and unwanted posts off of our pages. There are plenty of other groups on Facebook where you can show off your work.

However, if you are a customer, and use Two Green Thumbs’ plants, kits and accessories in your photos, we can post the pictures for you with credit to you. Just email a re-sized, smaller photo to


and we’ll post it on the Facebook page for you. (We will only include your first name and State or Country.)


I sent you a note on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest and you haven’t replied - ?

We are a one and a half person team here at TwoGreenThumbs.com. Apologies if we miss messaging through social media, it tends to get confusing and it’s difficult to keep track of but if you need help, guidance or any kind of assistance, please email us at info@TwoGreenThumbs.com.


I've enjoyed your website, your information, your photos, your creativity and your sense of humor - but I'm not a customer - how can I thank you?

Thank YOU for your time and attention! We do this for a living and enjoy putting a ton of 'info-tainment' out there, but it does cost time, money and energy to create anything new and innovative. Any order is ideal but we realize that not everyone is in a position to start a new hobby right away, so we set up a "Buy Janit & Steve a Coffee" here for a way to reciprocate. 
Thank you for visiting!
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