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Who Are We? We've Been Building and Growing the Hobby, Since 2001.

We are a micro-business. We are not sponsored by anyone. We can't compete with any big box store but we can offer something truly and completely different than ANY big box store or competing online store can, because we ARE different - just like YOU. 

We can't afford to offer you free shipping - and we won't raise our prices to "fit that in" either - but if we can save you money on postage with our clever packing skills, we certainly will indeed. 

Our customers love our customer service as well as our care and attention to detail when shipping our miniature garden trees and plants.

It's simple really: we treat you how we would want to be treated. 

After 18 years, we still remain the leaders in the hobby. Growing, building, sharing and connecting, since 2001.

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Shipping Info:

We've been shipping plants and accessories all year 'round from Seattle, Wa., since 2004.

International sales are welcomed but we can only ship plant material to the lower 48 and Alaska.

ALL our shipping charges are double-checked
by Steve. Because of the range of products we carry: living plants, delicate miniatures and heavy patio materials, the built-in shipping calculator sometimes "packs" orders inefficiently. Whenever Steve can save you shipping costs, he will and refund any savings back to you. 

Our inventory and plant availability rotate in and out of stock on a monthly basis, check back often!

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