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Our COVID-19 Response

Thank You! - We would like to THANK EVERYONE ON OUR FRONT LINES throughout the world. A heartfelt thank you to all the nurses, doctors, healthcare workers, first responders, scientists and labworkers who are bearing the brunt of this pandemic. 

Our Fellow MGs - We wish all our fellow miniature gardeners to stay well and we hope you and yours are safe and that you stay safe. <3 Please adhere to your shutdowns and stop all non-essential travel, errands and entertainment. That's the only way we are going to slow this thing down and get back to normal. 

Our Services - We are open for postal deliveries only. All our orders are packed with the utmost care here at our studios. We will arrange USPS Pick-Up during our lock-down so we can limit our non-essential travel, even though we remain healthy. 

Delivery Reassurance - If you are worried about your box during delivery, all our plants and trees are "good in the box" for 24+ hours AFTER being delivered to your home. Unfortunately, we can't control who handles the box once it leaves our possession. Just put the box in a shaded area outside and do NOT keep it in full, direct sun, nor inside a heated house. 

For Extra Precaution - If you would like to quarantine your box for a longer period, just cut open the box to let the plants breathe. Make sure they get some water within a couple of days, however. You can judge the water content of the plant's roots by lifting the box to feel the weight. If it's really light, they will need water. 

We are here if you need us. Please stay safe and be smart. - Janit and Steve

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