Tall, Skinny, Mini Trees

This section is especially for miniature gardeners. Some trees and shrubs in this category may behave differently for anyone NOT training it to grow in a miniature garden setting.

As miniature gardeners, we like to train our wee trees and shrubs too look like trees in miniature, and enjoy them for years before they get too big for our miniature scenes.

About Designing Miniature Gardens

Use tall, skinny trees as an anchor point in your miniature garden bed. An anchor point in garden design is usually the tallest or biggest "thing" in the garden that designers use to start developing any new layout. For us miniature gardeners we need to supply the anchor point and one of the perfect ways is starting with a tall tree.

Once you have your anchor point tree, you can start 'layering-down' with shorter shrubs and plants, in different shapes and textures, to achieve a cohesive garden design in miniature. 

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