SAMPLE Mini Patio Mix Kit

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Just want to try our authentic Mini Patio Mix Kit? Here's just a sample for you to play with so you can see how easy it is to put together and how realistic it looks after you are done.

It's an easy way to get the look of real AUTHENTIC & CUSTOM patio for your living miniature garden.

**Color & Shape of the stone sheet may vary.**

* will make a patio approximately 8 to 9 square inches - OR about 2" x 4"
* the stone sheet can be cut smaller

* can make it any shape you want
* build right in your miniature garden - no need to wait for it to cure to enjoy!! 
* for indoor or outdoor use

* weatherproof
* durable
* adaptable

* install it in the garden bed or container
* ages like a life-sized patio, but in miniature!
* see below for all the materials you can use with it!

~> You work with it while it is dry and you have plenty of time to create your project before before making it permanent

~> This project takes anywhere from 20 minutes up to 40 minutes depending upon how large or detailed/mosaic you make your patio. Let it cure for several weeks before moving - the slower it dries the stronger it will be.

~> Customize your miniature path or patio by building it right into your pot or garden bed


* ~ Two Green Thumbs' Mini Patio Mix, 1/2 lbs
* ~ Miniature, super-fine Sand
* ~ Borders, skewers
* ~ Full color step-by-step instruction booklet, PDF, "How to Make a Mini Garden" by Janit Calvo
*~ Download will be available after purchase is completed.

Photo of a miniature patio is an example only. 

*Not meant for young children, parental supervision is required.



Jane from CA:

"I have just opened up my shipment and am thrilled! VERY professional and VERY clear instructions! I'm SO excited and look forward to reworking my fairy house landscape. :) I will send an appreciation pic when I finish. Thank you!!"