Miniature Garden Supply: Border, 10ft

Regular price $4.99

Miniature garden borders help keep your miniature garden pebbles in place in your mini garden or fairy garden.

To make a permanent miniature patio: The borders are also used when building a permanent patio with our Mini Patio Mix, it keeps the patio contained while you build it and while it cures. It can either be left in place - because it looks like a real wood garden border - or you can take it off once the patio has cured for a couple of weeks. 

To make a pebble patio: After the borders are situated, cut a piece of screen mesh or landscape cloth to cover the soil, before the pebbles so they stay neat, and dirt free. You can reclaim the pebbles by doing it this way as well, and reuse them, whenever the time comes to redo your miniature garden. 

Two colors to choose from to match or compliment your pot or patio material to make a really sweet scene.

- 10 ft of border in one length

- Choose the color, brown (mahogany) or blonde (maple)

- Add skewers if you need them (20 skewers for every 10ft for $1.00 extra)