Miniature Garden Supply: Heavy Duty Turntable, 9"

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A miniature gardener's friend! This turntable is heavy duty and will hold up to 150 pounds, possibly more if you can lift it! It's ideal for building, maintaining or renovating miniature gardens in containers of all sizes and shapes.

I've been using one for my miniature gardening for well over 15 years and it still works wonderfully. It's now well-worn, a bit rusty and splashed with paint, but it is still awesome!

It's really meant for dollhouses so if it gets wet, it will rust but it will still work. If at anytime it stops turning, place it on the table and, with a heavy hand, turn it to get the ball bearings moving again inside the rim. Works like a charm. 

Has mounting holes if needed. You can mount this to a square board to make it easier to take the pots on and off.

You can also place a square tile or board on the turntable and put the pot on top the tile/board too - it will work the same and will look prettier if you are using the turntable for a display. 

  • **9" in diameter
  • Sturdy design, will keep turning!
  • Made in the USA

Not a toy, not meant for children.