Mini Patio Mix Kit, Medium Bulk Pack + Ebook & Shipping!

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An easy and permanent solution for your miniature paths or patios that was created exclusively for the miniature garden BY a miniature gardener!

Create a REAL miniature patio for your living mini gardens that is permanent AND will NOT wash away in the rain or when you water!

  • Make it any shape you want
  • Build it anywhere you want
  • STAYS in scale, even for the tiniest of gardens
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Great for fairy gardens, terrariums and railroad gardens
  • Weatherproof, can handle freezing temperatures
  • Durable, can stand on it in an in-ground garden (build it at least one-inch thick)
  • Adaptable, work with marble pieces, tile, stone, brick, glass, sheets
  • Make it as SMALL or as LARGE as you like (see below)
  • Ages like a full-sized patio, but in miniature!
  • REUSEABLE! The finished patio can be taken out of the pot, or the ground, and re-used elsewhere. 
  • Can be cleaned and/or repaired


    • 10 lbs Mini Patio Mix
    • 2.5 lbs Miniature Sand
    • 10' Garden border
    • 20 Wood skewers


    • Full color instructions for How To Make a Mini Garden eBook, PDF
    • Includes how we build our miniatures gardens to last for years!

- eBook/PDF will be available to download once the order is completed
- eBook/PDF can be printed out on your printer, or saved to your computer/machine

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Not Sure? See our Mini Patio Mix SAMPLE Kit here.





  • stone
  • marble
  • tile
  • glass
  • brick
  • cobblestone
  • can work with other materials

This Bulk Pack of Mini Patio Mix is Perfect for:

  • multiple gardens
  • or a big patio with winding paths
  • workshops
  • centerpieces
  • raffle donations
  • or your next garden party! 

How Long Will It Take To Do?

The Mini Patio Mix takes only a few minutes to install right in your miniature garden. For a 12" pot, it might take about 20 minutes, for a larger patio, it can take up to an hour. 

How Much Will this Medium Bulk Pack Make?

This kit is ideal for 6 large size patios of 8” long x 4” wide x 1” deep with NO stones. Add stones or flagstones and it will spread further.

OR 192 square inches OR 10" x 19" - adding stones will cover more area.

  • You can make patios and pathways of any size - stays in scale!
  • This Mini Patio Mix is completely customizable! 
  • SAVE and store the unused Mini Patio Mix to keep indefinitely if bag is kept sealed and dry.


    *This is a scaled miniature product and intended for adult use only. Parental supervision is needed.

    *Booklet shown in photo is electronic and will be sent via email. You can download it and / or printed out. 



    ~> You work with the Mini Patio Mix Kit while it is DRY and you have plenty of time to create your mosaic patterns, pathways or unique custom miniature patios  before before adding water. (Cement and grout are used wet (mixed) and cure way too fast.)

    ~> Authentic materials within the Mix stay in-scale for the smallest of miniature scales and it can hold-up to the most discerning eye for any mini-maker. (Cement and grout look bulky and shiny when dry.)

    ~> Customize your miniature path or patio by building it right in your container or garden bed - you can form it to your container - any size, any shape! (Cement and grout are hard to use this way, and get it looking right.)

    ~> Works with a wide variety of stone/ sheet/ brick /etc. including tiny stones and wee bricks! See our selection of stone, mini brick and flagstone sheets that, when combined with our Mini Patio Mix, for a realistic mini patio. (Cement and grout are hard to use, if not impossible, with tiny rocks and miniature bricks.)

    ~> Ages and weathers like a full-sized patio and the realism just keeps getting better! (Cement and grout simply don't look realistic in a miniature setting.)

    ~> You can walk on it! Build your miniature patio at least one-inch thick and follow the installation instructions carefully. 

    ICMYI: Cement or grout goes together WET and you don't have enough time to lay-down your patio stones. Cement or grout is NOT in scale, and will look chunky, not like a real patio in miniature. AND cement or grout won't give you a nice flat surface for your patio area so you can place your miniatures on it without it looking wonky. 


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