Miniature Garden Supply: Tweezers, Rods, Bottles, More

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Only from Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center! A miniature garden supply kit - a handy supply of the details you need to make perfect miniature gardens! 

This kit contains:

  • Fine point tweezers
  • Long bent fine point tweezers
  • 6 metal rods for staking
  • 2 Bamboo skewers
  • Syringe for paint or glue*
  • Small bottle with cap for paint or glue*
  • 6 squares of screen mesh for drainage holes

*The syringe and the bottle won't store the glue or the paint, they aren't air-tight enough for the paint/glue to stay fresh BUT they can be rinsed out and used again and again. 

Quantities are limited on this kit. 

*Not toys. Not meant for children. 

From Brigid, in MA:
"Hi Janit, I have really enjoyed your expertise over the past year as a customer!"