Blue & White Ceramic Hexagon Pot & Saucers, Set of 3

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Authentically yours! The saucers raise the cuteness bar on this set. So fun! This small, medium and large ceramic pot set is the real deal, authentic in every way - but in miniature!

This set is fired ceramic so don't leave it outside to freeze - take them inside for the winter on a windowsill. Not drilled for drainage. 

  • Very pretty
  • Painted ceramic
  • 3 pots with 3 saucers
  • 3 different sizes
  • Pretty design on sides
  • Large size is 1" wide and tall
  • Medium size 7/8" wide and tall
  • Small size is about ¾" wide and tall
  • Large size / one-inch scale
*Miniature dollhouse replicas and not meant for young children.