Variegated English Boxwood - Buxus sempervirens 'Variegata'

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For Indoor or Outdoor Miniature Gardens or Fairy Gardens

This baby English Boxwood tree is really a treat for miniature gardening - it can be grown outdoors in temperate climates in bright shade or cool sun, or indoors in bright, indirect light.


  • fun, reliable and low maintenance
  • indoor - bright, indirect light, regular water
  • outdoor cold zones 5 - 9, part sun/part shade
  • outdoor heat zones 9 - 6 
  • regular water
  • hot afternoon sun in the summertime will burn the leaves if its in a really dry spot
  • don’t let it dry out between watering
  • comes in a 4” pot
  • growth rate is 2 to 3" per year and doesn’t mind pruning
  • fertilize after 2 years if planted in a container


  • slow-growing, variegated form of the common boxwood
  • grow indoor or outdoors
  • will suit a variety of miniature garden sizes
  • prune at any time, snip the stem just above a set of leaves to hide the cut mark
  • shear it gradually into a fun topiary shape
  • prune off some of the lower leaves to show more trunk to look like a tree
  • groom several into a hedge by planting them side by side


NOTE: In spring when the weather warms up OR if this plant is coming from our cold nursery to your warm house, it will emit an strong odor. This is normal. It is the oils coming out of the leaves that is causing the smell. The oils will dry out in a couple of days and the smell will go away.


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