Valley Cushion Mugo Pine - Pinus mugo 'Valley Cushion'

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The Valley Cushion Mugo Pine is a wonderful selection for the miniature garden because the slow-spreading canopy is gradually lifted-up by the wee trunk - see the fourth photo that shows an older Valley Cushion. 

The very compact, dense pine stays low and flat, much wider than tall, but in a miniature garden setting, it becomes a perfect little tree in miniature in a couple of years. 

Reddish, new buds complement the short, medium green needles, and plants grow very slowly, so they require no pruning. Mugo pines are ideal for hot & dry conditions when established in-ground, and can tolerate dryer conditions in a container - but don't leave it too dry for too long. (Move the pot into part shade if you go on vacation.)

  • Mugo Pines are perfect for containers, they don't mind their roots being a little crowded and can last for years
  • Great bonsai subjects too
  • Globe shaped, spreading habit
  • Growth rate:2 to 3" per year
  • Cold hardy zones 2-8 or -50F
  • Heat zones: 7-1
  • Full sun
  • Regular water, let dry out a bit in between to avoid over watering
  • Comes in a 4”pot
  • An outdoor plant



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