Valley Cushion Mugo Pine - Pinus mugo 'Valley Cushion'

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The Valley Cushion Mugo Pine is a wonderful selection for the miniature garden because the slow-spreading canopy is gradually lifted-up by the wee trunk - see the fourth photo that shows an older Valley Cushion. 

The very compact, dense pine stays low and flat, much wider than tall, but in a miniature garden setting, it becomes a perfect little tree in miniature in a couple of years. 

Spring '24  - Shrubs are bushier than what is shown and perfectly lovely. 

Reddish, new buds complement the short, medium green needles, and plants grow very slowly, so they require no pruning. Mugo pines are ideal for hot & dry conditions when established in-ground, and can tolerate dryer conditions in a container - but don't leave it too dry for too long. (Move the pot into part shade if you go on vacation.)

  • Mugo Pines are perfect for containers, they don't mind their roots being a little crowded and can last for years
  • Great bonsai subjects too
  • Globe shaped, spreading habit
  • Growth rate:2 to 3" per year
  • Cold hardy zones 2-8 or -50F
  • Heat zones: 7-1
  • Full sun
  • Regular water, let dry out a bit in between to avoid over watering
  • Comes in a 4”pot
  • An outdoor plant



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