Pride Banner, Printable PDF Download

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We're helping our LGBTQ+ friends and families celebrate Pride Month with the world's smallest Pride banners available.

- There are four different styles of banners included. Mix and match for even more fun.

- The printable is in all three miniature scales, great for dollhouse miniatures too.

- Great for kids. Decorate your front door, mailbox, hats, signs or make one for a friend.

- This is a digital download PDF file that will be automatically delivered via email once the payment is accepted. 

- NEW - There's a new, faster way to do the tinier banners so you can use them to decorate table settings, trellises and anything else that you can think of. See the photos at the end of the PDF.

- This printable Pride Banner PDF contains banners in three scales - just print what you need - or print and make all three sizes to decorate different spots in your scene!

- Large size, 1" scale
- Medium size, ½" scale
- Small size, ¼" scale

- Includes photo instructions and a bunch of tips.

- Weatherproofing instructions are included.  

**Shown in the main photo: one of the large sized banner for 1" scale.**

- About 1/2 hour
- Colored string, ribbon or embroidery thread
- Scissors
- Glue - Glue stick is recommended.  

- Once the PDF is downloaded, you can save it to your computer to reprint at any time! 


From Heather in CA: 
Hi there Janit,
 I am working with your book right now. It has been so fun exploring this new side of gardening. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. 

Plant packing was perfect by the way. All of them have really perked up!
Thank you again!