Miniature Toilet Planter with Sedum Cuttings

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Get ready for laughs, groans and/or giggles! A genuine miniature toilet for you to plant-up for your miniature gardening pleasure. 

The style varies slightly as I can only find them in small quantities. Handle position my differ than the photo. Some have decal on the back of the tank. 

Come with a half-dozen Sedum Cuttings so you have something to plant in it. Instructions for growing the cuttings are included. 

Take this inside if you are in an area that freezes in the winter. 

  • Ceramic base & tank
  • Wooden lids
  • Styles vary slightly
  • Handle doesn't move
  • 3 ⅛" tall
  • 2 ¾" wide
  • 2 ½" deep
  • Made of ceramic, protect from freezing
  • Comes with 6 Sedum Cuttings, at least 3 different kinds

*This is a scaled miniature product and intended for adult use only.



From Judy in ID:

"I just received my first order from you to plant
my fir
st attempt and I’m thrilled.

You weren’t exaggerating Steve’s packing skills.

Thank you!"