Miniature Garden Society 1-Year Subscription

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Give a gift that will keep on giving! 

You will receive a gift-wrapped box to put under the tree with the instructions on how to sign-in and join us.

Here is what is included with a Miniature Garden Society membership:

  • Enjoy an extensive miniature garden plant information for all regions & climates
  • Learn new and unusual how-to’s and diys
  • Connect directly with other like-minded miniature gardeners
  • Keep on top of your “must-do’s” in the miniature garden so you don’t kill plants
  • Learn how to take your passion to different places and spaces
  • Explore what other professionals are doing
  • Create your own version of our miniature garden kits.
  • Look over Janit’s shoulder to learn how I come up with my creative ideas.
  • The ability to print any of our digital ebook PDFs for your personal use.
  • Propose projects for Janit to investigate and figure out for you.
  • Extended topics, a fun Internet filter just for miniature gardeners!
  • Your own little Facebook-type forum, private forum to friend, follow, share and post – with miniature gardeners from all over the world.
  • Connect with Janit and get direct feedback on any project or question
  • Standing Discount: 15% off anything in this online store or our handmade Etsy store, anytime.

PLUS whatever else we can think of to make it your one-stop for miniature gardening: tools and supply lists and resources, workshop information, display ideas, marketing materials, garden renovations, in-ground installation techniques, access to Janit’s extensive library and knowledge base of all things miniature and garden, and much much more!

Find out more on the Miniature Garden Society's website: