Miniature Garden Society 1-Year Subscription

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Give a gift that will keep on giving! 

You will receive pdf with the instructions on how to sign-in and join us, emailed to you. You can print it out and wrap it up, sneak it in their stocking or include it in a gift card.

Here is what is included with a Miniature Garden Society membership:

  • Enjoy an extensive miniature garden plant information for all regions & climates
  • Learn new and unusual how-to’s and DIYs
  • Connect directly with other like-minded miniature gardeners
  • Keep on top of your “must-do’s” in the miniature garden so you don’t kill plants
  • Learn how to take your passion to different places and spaces
  • Explore what other professionals are doing
  • Create your own version of our miniature garden kits.
  • Look over Janit’s shoulder to learn how I come up with my creative ideas.
  • The ability to print any of our digital ebook PDFs for your personal use.
  • Propose projects for Janit to investigate and figure out for you.
  • Extended topics, a fun Internet filter just for miniature gardeners!
  • Your own little Facebook-type forum, private forum to friend, follow, share and post – with miniature gardeners from all over the world.
  • Connect with Janit and get direct feedback on any project or question
  • Standing Discount: 15% off anything in this online store or our handmade Etsy store, anytime.

PLUS any new ideas for miniature gardening, trends, insights, tools and supply lists and resources, workshop information, display ideas, marketing materials, garden renovations, in-ground installation techniques, access to Janit’s extensive library and knowledge base of all things miniature and garden, and much much more!

Find out more on the Miniature Garden Society's website or for immediate access: