Miniature Christmas Presents, Set of 12

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Tiny presents that are perfect for the miniature garden. The classic, shiny presents will add a festive air almost anywhere. Use one here, three there, or pile-them-up! 

They are wrapped wood (MDF) pieces so they should be "weather resistant." If they get wet and the bows come off, let the presents and bows dry-out and re-glue the bows back on with outdoor silicon glue. (E6000, for example.)

  • Metallic colors are bright and shiny
  • Pink, blue, green and silver
  • Sturdy: little rectangles of MDF underneath
  • All the same size "box"
  • ¾" x ⅝" x ⅜"
  • The different colors make them look like different sizes when piled-up

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Not meant for children, the bows are tiny.