Miniature Bathtub Garden Kit

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Add immediate country charm with a miniature bathtub planter! We've shrunk yet another idea to fit into our miniature gardens with a tiny clawfoot bathtub - just like in Grandma's garden.

The bathtub comes with soil and sedum cuttings so you have something to plant in it right away.

Bathtub is porcelain-china - protect from freezing! 

*Current design has no decal, with white feet. - Sept. '23

  • Bathtub is porcelain china with painted taps
  • 5 ½" long by 2 ⅛" wide by 2" tall
  • Styles vary slightly! This batch has white feet. 
  • Protect tub from freezing
  • A selection of 18 cuttings/starts of at least 5 different kinds
  • Sedum selections dependent upon what is available (more than what is shown in the photo.)
  • A small bag of potting soil is included

More about the Sedum cuttings:

  • All cuttings are outdoor plants but can be grown on a sunny windowsill
  • Will survive indoors for a few months but still very enjoyable
  • Cuttings will be ready to plant by the time you get them!
  • Trim stem length to fit mini pot.
  • Leave at least 1/2" stem length to go into the soil.
  • Trim bottom leaves off any part that will be below the soil level.
  • Use a skewer to move potting soil around the stems so there is soil contact on all sides.
  • Let dry out between watering sessions but not for too long!
  • Note: Sedum cuttings intended for miniature pots, not necessarily sold as cuttings to root to grow adult plants, a process that may take several seasons.
  • Instructions are included! 

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