Lil' Picnic Bench

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Cuteness! Who is up for a wee picnic? 

This tiny picnic bench is made of metal which makes it a perfect candidate for the living miniature garden.

The "medium size" or half-inch scale is ideal for containers 6" to 10" wide - anything smaller the accessory looks lost, anything bigger and the accessory will not fit properly. 

**Probably made in China and may have a scratch in the paint on the top of the table somewhere, unfortunately. See the third photo for an example. It's rare to get this scale of miniature otherwise I would not offer it. But otherwise it is well-made, sturdy, and it can be easily painted, or you can cover it with a wee tablecloth. 

  • Sturdy design
  • Painted metal** See above note!
  • 2" long by 1 ¾" wide by 1 ⅛" tall
  • Medium size / half-inch scale

*A miniature replica, not a toy.


From Robert in WA:
"Thanks for your careful shipping and packing.
Look forward to doing more with your company."