Miniature Riverbed Kit

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How to Make a Miniature Riverbed

This kit includes a fun stone sheet with different-sized pebbles to help you achieve a realistic dry river bed quickly, easily and that's easy to maintain. 

1.) Dig a trench, a little bigger than you think you need.
2.) Line with the Visqueen plastic sheet, overlapping the edges of the "riverbank."
3.) Lay the pebble sheet ontop of the riverbed/plastic. Stay within your riverbed boundaries/edges. This layer will be the size and width of riverbed. 
4.) Decide which look you may want:
- You may like the edges of the pebble sheet overlapping the edge of the riverbank
- or -
- You might use the "corner" of the riverbank's edge as the edge of the riverbank.
~> And cut the pebble sheet to fit your design, using a sturdy pair of scissors.
5.) Use the smaller pebbles to fill in any gaps, and cover the bottom of the riverbed.
6.) Use the driftwood along the bank, or maybe it's along the river's edge or poking out of the foliage.
7.) Include your own "boulders." Every rock has a flat side, this will make it look natural. Use rocks that are the same texture or colors for a realistic scene.
8.) Trim-away any Visqueen plastic sheeting that is sticking out, or fold it under.
9.) Now grab a blanket, your dog, a cool drink and a book and enjoy lazing by the river! 

Ebook to come. 

What is Included with this Miniature Riverbed Kit

  • Stone sheet is 12" x 12"
  • 1 lb of Mini Granite Pebbles
  • 5 Natural Driftwood Logs
  • Visqueen heavy black plastic, 4 ml, 24" x 30"

    *This is a scaled miniature product and intended for adult use only.

    From Joan in MN:
    I received my order today and am amazed at how well (the plants and miniatures) were packed,  in excellent condition and really appreciate the care you take to ship them.  Thank you