Mini Garden Critter: Lil' Pet Hen + Bedding

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Your little pet hen comes with her own straw so you can make her a lil' bed just about anywhere. 

Fully trained. This hen will not peck at your miniature plants nor will it tear apart your compost pile. She'll stay put too. We guarantee it!

She also doesn't need any food nor does it need it's bedding change either... she's so low maintenance, you'll be surprised just how easy it is to care for her, you may want TWO! 

  • 1" long by almost ¾" wide
  • Painted resin
  • Comes with a small bag of straw for her bedding
  • Large size / 1" scale

Not a toy, not meant for young children. 

Hens and Chicks shown in photo are not included and purely unintentional. I'm not kidding. :o)