Miniature Dragon - Peanut

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Peanut the Dragon is poised to help you with whatever you need. He's perched on a rock and ready at a moment's notice to help, guard, inspire or just be there for you.
Nicely detailed, he holds a small skull in his hand: it's the last critter that tried to eat his garden. He really is kind with a big heart. 
A hole is drilled in the bottom and metal stake is included. He's big enough to stay in place but when the stake is glued-in, he'll stay put. 
  • Very nicely detailed
  • Painted resin, can be painted
  • Weatherproof
  • Waterproof
  • 4" tall by 2 ½" wide by 1 ½" deep
  • Large size, 1" scale - but can be a "big" sculpture for the tinier scales

*Not for young children, not a toy.