Mini Garden Crow

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An American crow to keep you caw-pany in your miniature garden! Crows are one of the most intelligent animals that can be trained to come to a whistle and be your friend. We've taken care of that for you and all our crows come fully trained to be your very own personal crow - we guarantee it! :o)

Glue it to a rock or chair to help keep it in place. Or, put it up on a pedestal. Its claws are rounded to mount on a branch or stone. (We love E6000 glue, a silicon glue that works outdoors too.)

We recommend bring this little guy inside before the winter weather if you are in an area with seasonal changes. 
  • Painted resin, claw
  • ¾" tall by 1 ¼" long
  • Large size, one-inch scale


From Robert in WA:

"Thanks for your careful shipping and packing.
Look forward to doing more with your company."