Miniature Garden Peace Pole - Larger Art Pole Set of 3

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A Global Movement In Miniature

"Peace poles are now the most recognized monument dedicated to peace on earth. They represent the highest aspirations of peace and goodwill inherent in the human heart transcending race, religion and creed.  

Peace Poles serve as vehicles to carry the message, May Peace Prevail On Earth, out to every corner on earth.  They are planted to uplift, empower and elevate the human consciousness to embrace the oneness of our global family."


Purchase them in plain cedar, or primed white and ready to go. They come staked to stay put in the mini garden bed.

These larger miniature poles are a perfect way to customize your mini garden too. Create your own art pole sdd a splash or color wherever you need it - when ever you need it! A full color instruction ebook is included to give you more pattern ideas, finial ideas and finishing ideas. Great for the novice or the experienced! The eBook will download as soon as you complete your purchase and the poles will be mailed with the rest of your order!.

You get three art poles in three different sizes: from 6" to 8" tall and 7/16" square.  

**Please choose the style: Plain or White-Primed from the menu!** 

You will need:

- Your own set of permanent markers. I like Sharpie brand, a thick set and a fine-tip set, they are reliable and last a long time. 

- A clear-coating of any kind for outdoors: Modge Podge (Outdoor,) UV Sealant Spray, Acrylic Medium. Good for between layers of marker or as an end-sealant. 

- Ebook full of instructions, tips and inspiration for garden art poles is included and delivered instantly. Mix up your own colors, patterns, sayings, scenes or symbols - it's your own story, after all!  

**Not recommended for very young children, it's staked on a metal rod.