Buy Janit & Steve a Cup of Coffee

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If you've been following Janit's work through:

  • Mini Garden Gazette newsletter,
  • Mini Garden Guru blog,
  • @theminigardener on Instagram,
  • Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center Facebook pages,
  • Youtube - @TwoGreenThumbs
  • AND you've found that her advice has been not only:
  • invaluable
  • useful
  • insightful
  • genuine
  • authentic
  • and entertaining by giving you unlimited pleasure in exploring your creativity through gardening in miniature... and, okay, maybe a laugh or two...

YOU can finally buy her a cup of coffee to say, "Thank you!"

OR if you want to give Steve a warm thank you for his excellent plant & miniature packing skills this is where to do it. He's a bit shy and told me not to put his name here but there are too many fans of his NOT to include him! :o)

We've Been Doing Our Part

We have been inventing, posting, investing in, and sharing all things miniature garden for well-over 20 years now. All the sales from our online stores (we used to have an etsy and and ebay store!) and our membership site has gone back into the building of this new way to enjoy gardening and miniature, mostly working full time in keeping this new hobby alive - and part time during the leaner years to supplement our income to make ends meet. We haven't had a vacation - only trips to do traveling shows or book tours. 

You Can Help Too

All proceeds go directly back into research and development of this wonderful new hobby, a perfect blend of gardening, crafting and creativity. You simply will not find this kind of insight anywhere else!

So, how 'bout it? It's just a cup of coffee - or two... ?? :o)

NOTE: this listing is to just buy us a cup of coffee or two. What you get in return is a warm and fuzzy feeling of gratitude and we will remember you for the rest of our lives - no physical products are attached to this purchase.