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Hello Fellow Miniature Gardener!

We are Janit and Steve Calvo and we're based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in Seattle, Washington.

We are the complete opposite of a big company, so please be patient when contacting us. We are not open 24/7 nor do we have a team of telephone operators waiting to answer the phone at all hours of the day or night.

We also haven't come across any life or death emergencies in our miniature gardening career - ever - so if something is wrong with your order, your plants or your garden, we will take it seriously and get back to you promptly to make it right.

If we miss your call, leave a good time for us to call you back and we will!

Office Phone: 206-352-0494 <- Pacific Standard Time is 3 hours behind east coast time.

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 10am to 4pm or by chance. We sometimes have to sneak out of the office for appointments, to pick up plants or to do an install with the Miniature Garden Society. Okay, and sometimes when the sun shines, we need to get out an enjoy it - we live in Seattle. :o)

Email us anytime, of course:

Customer Service:
All other queries:

We appreciate you contacting us with these methods, instead of on our busy social media channels, so we can keep track and respond accordingly.

Thank you for visiting!


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