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Who Are We? We've Been Building and Growing the Hobby, Since 2001.

  • We are a micro-business, owned by a woman. We are not sponsored by anyone. No outside advertising. No affiliates. No competition.

  • What we offer is authentically ours. Truly and completely different - just like YOU. We like it that way. A lot of what we off are our private label products that you just can't find anywhere else.

  • We are environmentally conscious: Everything we do, we think about how it impacts the environment. Most of our non-plant products are , durable, reusable, and can be rejuvenated easily.

  • Our plant and miniatures shipping methods are the best in the business - we GUARANTEE our plants during shipment <- we are that good.

Our Main Mission: We treat you how we would want to be treated. 

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Shipping Info:

"How can you ship during the winter, won't the plants freeze? "

We ship all of our plant material by priority mail. (Sometimes the sedum cuttings are shipped by first class, if ordered alone.) So, technically they don’t have time to freeze.

Most of our plants & trees are hard to -20F, some of the more “tender” ones are hardy 0F. If they do freeze during transit, it’s no big deal to them.

All our items are guaranteed during shipment so sometimes we do have to wait until any major weather passes to ship plant material. Not because the plant material will freeze, but because the post office may be overwhelmed - boxes get damp and get piled on top of each other which is where the damage happens. We want it to arrive in perfect condition!

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We've been sharing FREE content, inspiration, eye candy, laughs, relevant information and honest insight into this new hobby since 2001. While we do enjoy it, we do this for a living and research takes time and money.

We don't earn anything from outside advertising nor from any affliate links. All research and development of this hobby has been self-funded, (with 0 vacation-time!) If you've been lurking and loving us from afar, now you can help us keep the dance alive or just to say "THANKS for the boatloads of info-tainment and inspiration!"

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