Fairy Vine - Angel Vine - Muehlenbeckia complexa

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A delicate, but sturdy plant for the miniature garden that is normally used for a ground cover with tiny stems that are deep red, contrasting nicely against the small, round leaves. Grow it up a miniature trellis or arbor for fun.

Re-pot or divide this plant every two to three years, it's a ground cover and this one really wants to cover the ground. By interrupting the growing process and not letting it get established, you'll slow it down. Don't hesitate in controlling this plant.

If it's planted in-ground, shovel-prune it by slicing the border of the plant (wherever your border is,) with a shovel, severing the underground runners or roots. Collect, or gently pull-up the cut-off foliage or they might root again. Keep pruning every spring and throughout the summer whenever you see it running where you don't want to.

  • Train over an arbor or along a fence
  • Outdoor: Part sun/Part shade
  • Cold hardy to zones 8 - 10 
  • Heat hardy zones 10 - 8
  • Indoor: bright indirect, divide every second year.
  • Regular water
  • 3" to 6" tall if left to grow in-ground
  • Supposedly spreads to 12" to 18" but this one will keep going
  • In a pot: divide every couple of years to keep it happy
  • In the ground: invasive in some areas. Judiciously divide or shovel-prune in late spring to control growth
  • vines can be used for miniature crafting
  • Comes in a 4" pot

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