Mini Tree Set: Cumulus Cypress, Fernspray Cypress, Golden Mops Cypress

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Cuteness! Baby conifers are just what we need for our miniature garden designs. Lower and smaller shrubs can help you "layer-down" from the taller trees to the short ground covers to create a wall of conifer-goodness. Match or contrast the colors, be sure to mix-up the textures. 

The trees in this set are outdoor trees and come in 2 1/4" pots as shown. They can be planted in full sun with good-draining soil.

Let them dry out a bit in between watering sessions if they are grown in a container, to avoid over-watering.

  • As a group, hardy to zone 4 or -30F
  • As a group, Heat hardy zones 8 - 1
  • Fall/Spring Maintenance: Clean out the dead leaves inside the shrubs when you see it, it's called "conifer dieback."
  • Full sun - avoid that hot, summer afternoon sun
  • Let container soil dry out to barely damp in between watering
  • All are outdoor plants
  • Come in 2 1/4" pots

From left to right as they appear in the photos:

    Cumulus Cypress

         Cumulus Sawara Cypress - Chameacyparis pisifera 'Cumulus'

        'Cumulus' is a true miniature with a growth rate of less than 1" per year. It has a light, tufted cloud with dense, soft foliage that stays soft in maturity too.

        This is a fun one - you can keep it sheared into a ball or create your own miniature topiary by gradually shaping it over a few seasons.

        Shear in springtime to maintain the bushiness and trim any wayward branches when you see them. 

        • Wonderful blue-green color
        • Gets an amber blush to the top in the cold months
        • Growth: less than 1"/yr
        • Cold hardy Zones 4-8 or to -30F
        • Heat Zones 8-1 but avoid extremes to be safe
        • An outdoor plant
        • Comes in a  2 ¼" pot

        Fernspray Hinoki Cypress 

        Compact Fernspray Cypress – Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Filicoides Compacta’ 

        Shown above with a little winter blush - the leaves turn colorful with the colder temperatures. This lovely hinoki grows more like a fern than a tree. A stunning gem for the miniature garden, the branches grow out from the base of the tree rather than along the trunk – thus the “Fernspray” name.

        Gently shear it in late winter to keep its compact shape nice and bushy. If you just let it do what it does naturally, it'll gradually become leggy - but you can always snip a branch here or there to bring it back into shape. An unusual hinoki for the miniature garden that can stand alone as a focal point. A treat to grow. 

        • Growth: 6” – 12" per year – we’ve experienced it as being a slower-growing in our miniature gardens 
        • Shape: Upright broad
        • Shear it in late winter to maintain the overall shape
        • Trim-away the bottom-most branches if you want it to look like a mini tree
        • Hardiness: Cold hardy Zones 5-8 or to -20F
        • Heat Zones 8-1
        • An outdoor plant
        • Comes in a  2 ¼" pot

         Golden Mops Cypress

        Golden Mop Threadbranch Cypress - Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Golden Mop'

        Great color for the miniature garden. The finely textured foliage of this threadbranch cypress develops vibrant gold growth in spring and retains its brilliance through the seasons - even where challenged by heat and humidity. Best color in full sun.

        • well-behaved
        • best color in full sun
        • vibrant yellow color in sun, turns greener in the shade
        • globe shape
        • 3" to 6" per year, slower in the colder states
        • zone 4 - 8 or hardy to -30F
        • heat zone 8 - 1
        • An outdoor plant
        • Comes in a  2 ¼" pot

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