Platt's Black Brass Buttons - Leptinella squalida 'Platt's Black'

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Looks like miniature ferns for the miniature garden! But it's a fun ground cover perennial - not a fern - and hardy to -30F.

Serrated edges on tiny 1" long leaves. Plant turns greener in the shade and browner in the sun so if you see brown leaves, it's not dead! Use the darker-colored leaves to add drama to your miniature garden design. 

How to control the Brass Buttons:

The underground shoots will be prevalent mostly in springtime, with some growth during the summer so this may sound hard or fussy - but it's really not.

Prune judiciously when it start to "run" in two or three years by cutting the runners every spring. Or you can divide it every 2 to 3 years to interrupt the invasive habit.

If planted in a pot, you'll see the runners (new shoots) go around the edge of the pot. Gently pull-up the shoots right back to the mother plant and trim them off. 

If it's planted in-ground, shovel-prune it by slicing the border of the plant with a shovel, severing the underground runners or roots. Collect, or gently pull-up the cut-off foliage or they might root again. 

  • Outdoors only!!
  • Mat forming
  • Grows 1 to 2" tall
  • Spreads to 18" but will continue to spread if given the room
  • Cold hardy to zones 4 to 7, or hardy to -30F
  • Heat zones 7 to 1
  • Evergreen
  • Part sun to part shade - turns greener in the shade
  • Super tiny flowers in summer
  • Likes evenly damp soil
  • Invasive in some areas. Great in containers but pinch/cut back the runners in spring. In-ground, it's called "shovel pruning" - see above for details.
  • Trim back runners in late spring to control growth
  • Comes in a 4" pot

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