Brick Courtyard Pond

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Add a new dimension to your miniature garden with this courtyard pond that's ready to go. Really sturdy, durable and detailed to deliver realistic results quickly and easily - just the way you like it. Perfect for fairy gardens too.

Use in the garden bed along the edge of your planter. It will fit right beside any kind of garden wall or fence too. It's got a great edge to the design that is perfect for sitting upon while you enjoy the cool water. 

Easy to clean! Just pluck it out of the garden and use some gentle soap and water - and an old toothbrush if needed - and then replace and fill. Then pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and congratulate yourself for a job well done. :o)

  • Classic brick pond design for courtyards or along a fence / wall
  • 8 ½" long
  • 3 ¾" wide
  • 1 ½" deep
  • Made of sturdy resin
  • Hand painted to look aged
  • Can hold water
  • Weatherproof and freeze proof 

**Pond shown in photo is several years old. The colors are faded but it still looks authentic. Preserve the color for longer by treated it with UV Protectant Spray twice a year ~> early spring and mid/late summer. 

*This is a scaled miniature product and intended for adult use only.


From Judy in ID:

"I just received my first order from you to plant
my fir
st attempt and I’m thrilled.

You weren’t exaggerating Steve’s packing skills.

Thank you!"