Miniature Astilbe, 4" Pot - Astilbe glaberrima var. saxatilis

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A real miniature perennial - it's officially called a dwarf but it stays small enough to be very appreciated in the miniature garden.

The leaves are really handsome with red margins and sharp serrations. We've been growing this for a few years in our gardens and it does well in shade and sun. Just make sure the soil doesn't dry out in if it's in full sun and it will be happy.

This plant is deciduous, it will die back in the fall but come back the following spring. Pinkish white flowers on spires about 5" above the foliage are very pretty.  (3rd photo shows it just beginning to bloom.)

  • Lovely dark green toothed leaves 
  • Flowers on short spires, very pretty 
  • Photo shows flowers just coming into bloom
  • Deciduous, will die back in the fall but will come back the springtime
  • Spreads slowly
  • Plants can be divided every couple/few years, or left to cluster
  • Foliage grow to 3 to 4 inches tall
  • Cold hardy to zones estimated 4 - 8, or to -30F
  • Heat zones estimated 8 - 1
  • Shade to cool sun
  • Keep soil well drained but evenly damp, do not let the soil dry out completely but still a tough plant when established
  • Comes in a 2 2/8" pot
  • An outdoor plant