Rock Garden Japanese Holly - Ilex crenata 'Rock Garden'

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Pre-bonsai trees are bigger than our usual size and have thicker trunks and lower branches that make it an ideal bonsai subject - or let it grow on it's own and it can still be a very substantial miniature tree. 

The Rock Garden Japanese Holly is a berry-producing female shrub. Larger leaves are perfect for large-scaled gardens or in-ground gardens. Berries look like miniature apples (not edible.)

Check out the photos for the seasonal interest. Spring flowers turn to green berries in the summer, then the berries turn red for the winter.

  • Great structure and texture
  • Female holly
  • Flowers in the spring followed by berries
  • May not flower every year, depends upon pollinators in your area
  • Globe shape
  • 1" to 2" per year
  • Cold Hardy Zones 5-8 or to -20F
  • Heat Zones: 7-5
  • Part sun to part shade
  • Regular water
  • Pot is 4" in diameter



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From Treina in FL:

I got my order and have been constantly amazed.  It was packed tightly and securely and as soon as I let it breathe, so to speak, it began to spread and loosen up and show life.  It's a joy to watch. Thank you so much.  It more than met my expectations, it surpassed anything I thought I could get for that price.  
We'll do business again.