Miniature Garden Supply: Mesh & Cloth Set

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Only from Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center! A miniature garden supply of screen mesh and two different colored landscape cloth.

This kit contains:

  • 8" x 3 feet of screen mesh
  • 2 pieces each of 8" x 3 feet of landscape cloth in black and white

Use the landscape cloth or the mesh for your pathways and dry riverbeds to keep the pebbles or marbles from mixing in with the soil. After bordering the area, cut the cloth to shape and lay it down before spreading the stones. The water will go right through the cloth and mesh and you'll be able to reuse the stones once the garden grows out too. 

The white landscape cloth is ideal for colored marbles. Use this instead of the black color to make the colors really pop. Perfect for fairy gardens! 

To create a permanent patio for your miniature garden scene, see our Mini Patio Mix Kit. it works with marble, tile, mini brick, stone, etc. Click here to see more details.

*This is a scaled miniature product and intended for adult use only.