Primo Dwarf Arborvitae - Thuja occidentalis 'Primo'

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We are in love with this Primo Arborvitae and it's become a true favorite. The Primo is a great anchor tree for the miniature garden bed. Let me count the ways:

- The bark on the trunk already looks aged and the reddish-brown trunk - color contrasts nicely with the rich, emerald green color of the foliage. 

- It's very well-behaved and easy to grow. If it's planted in-ground it is drought-tolerant (but still need water in the dry months.) If it's in a container, just make sure it doesn't dry out too much for too long by letting the soil dry out to wrung-sponge-damp in between watering sessions. 

- With its ruggedness and finely textured, dark green foliage, it really looks like a big forest tree - but in miniature. 

- It's a slower and smaller version of the Zmatlik. It's daintier in shape and grows into a narrower cone shape.

- The winter blush is a deep amber color and will turn back to green when the weather warms up. A nice treat in the middle of winter! 

  • Upright narrow in shape
  • Note that the winter color might a deep golden amber
  • Hardy to -40F or Zones 2 - 7
  • Heat zones 7 - 1
  • Estimated growth rate is 2" to 5" per year
  • Full sun to part sun
  • Regular water with well drained soil
  • If in a pot, let dry out to barely damp in between to avoid over watering
  • If in a pot, shelter from extreme hot sun in late afternoon in the summer
  • Comes in a 4” pot
  • An outdoor plant

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From Cheryl in TX:

"Hi Guys, just wanted to tell you my little trees/plants arrived today and they are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much.  

I know I will enjoy them as I do all my trees and plants that I get from y’all ❤️"