Twilight Mini Garden Pebbles, PDF Instructions

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Finish off your miniature garden world with scaled miniature pebbles that are consistent in size and and have a subtle variety of colors. Instructions on how to install a miniature pebble patio are included or see the PRO-TIP below.** The PDF will be delivered automatically. 

The "Twilight color is a neutral blend with light and dark grays, accented by light browns and subtle green colors that can suit a number of different themes so you are able to change themes easily. 

  • Great for terrariums or tiny miniature garden scenes
  • These pebbles can be used in aquariums and vivariums

**PRO-TIP - Cut a piece of mesh or landscape cloth to fit where the pebbles will be in your miniature garden bed for underneath your pebbles. This will let the rain through and keep your stones cleaner for a longer amount of time. You can easily "reclaim" the pebbles when you want to redo the garden with this method as well. See our supply section for cloth and border options here.


One ounce of pebbles equals about 1 square inch.

For a patio that is 4" x 2" -->  4 x 2 = 8 square inches. So you will need 8 ounces or 1/2 lb of pebbles. This is for a 1" deep patio so if you don't need it that deep, it will go a bit farther.

*Accessories and plants shown in photo are not included.

*Not a toy, not meant for young children.