Pink Chintz Thyme - Thymus serpyllum 'Pink Chintz'

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A very pretty ground cover thyme to use as an understory plant for your miniature garden bed. Expect this thyme to look more like a short shrub, rather than low-growing ground cover.

Looks great along a pathway or at the edge of the miniature patio, or plant it to trail down the edge of a pot or rock wall.

Pink Chintz Thyme has a deep, rich green colored leaves tinged in red, with a deep red colored stem. A very classy combination. Dark pink flowers in mid summer.

Trim it back from your wee patios and pathways by "feathering" the line of cut. Cutting the stems all at once looks too abrupt in the mini garden.

  • full sun
  • needs good drainage sun
  • let dry out to barely damp between watering session
  • will spread along the ground
  • a bit taller than our other Thymes, can grow to 5" tall
  • divide every second or third year to keep fresh
  • salmon blooms in mid-summer that change color as they age
  • drought tolerant when established
  • cold zones 4 to 10, hardy to -30F
  • heat zones 9 - 1
  • an outdoor plant
  • comes in a 4" pot



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From Cheryl in TX:

Hi Guys, just wanted to tell you my little trees/plants arrived today and they are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much.  I know I will enjoy them as I do all my trees and plants that I get from y’all ❤️