Original Mini Patio Mix Kit

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An easy and permanent solution for your miniature paths or patios!

Our Mini Patio Mix Kit is an easy way to get the look of real patios for living miniature gardens that is permanent and will NOT wash away when you water!

  • Make it any shape you want
  • Build it anywhere you want
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Great for railroad gardens
  • Weatherproof, can handle freezing temperatures
  • Durable, can stand on it in an in-ground garden (build it at least one-inch thick)
  • Adaptable, work with marble pieces, tile, stone, brick, glass, sheets
  • install it in the garden bed or container
  • ages like a life-sized patio, but in miniature!

(( There is a Refill Kit if you already have the instructions in my first Gardening in Miniature book, it's the second project, AND there is another version in the Spanish chapter in my Prop Shop book. See the books here. ))



~> You work with it while it is dry and you have plenty of time to create your project before before making it permanent. You can make mosaic patterns, pathways or unique custom miniature patios easily. 

~> Authentic materials within the Mix are in-scale with the smallest of scales and can hold-up to the most discerning eye for miniature scale.

~> Customize your miniature path or patio by building it right into your pot or garden bed - customizing to your container! 

~> Works with a wide variety of stone/ sheet/ brick /etc. Collect some cast-offs from your latest home-renovation project and you can match your miniature garden to your home's decor! 





  • stone
  • marble
  • tile
  • glass
  • brick
  • cobblestone
  • can work with other materials
  • Stones are NOT included in this kit.

~> Makes at least a 4" x 8" x 1" * solid patio without any stones or bricks (32 square inches.)

~> Kit can make a patio up to the 12" x 8" depending upon the thickness of the stones or patio material used.


    • Two Green Thumbs' Mini Patio Mix, 2 lbs
    • Miniature Sand, 1/2 lb
    • Sample garden borders, 2 approx. 10" long
    • Wood skewers, 3



    • Full color instructions for How To Make a Mini Garden ebook, PDF

- PDF will be available to download once the order is completed
- PDF can be printed out on your printer, or saved to your computer/machine


Looking for a REFILL Kit? See it here.

Not Sure? See the SAMPLE Kit here.


    *This is a scaled miniature product and intended for adult use only. Parental supervision is needed.

    *Booklet shown in photo is electronic and will be sent via email. You can download it and / or printed out.