Medium Size or Half-Inch

About Medium Size / Half-Inch Scale

½ inch = 1 foot

This scale is written different ways, depending upon the hobby:
Medium Size = Half Inch Scale = 1:24 = 1/24th scale = G-Scale (closest)

How to Use Medium Size / Half-Inch Scale in the Miniature Garden

This smaller-sized accessory section is ideal for table-top gardens, terrariums, or any miniature garden between 4" and 8" wide. If you use this medium-size for anything larger, including in-ground, the accessories will make the garden look sparse and unfinished. If used for smaller gardens that are less than 4" +/- it will look too "big."

The miniature garden accessories in this category should all match in scale but note that the different manufacturers may see the sizes a bit differently.  

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