Little Whitestar Creeper - Pratia pub. 'Little Whitestar'

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A tinier version of the favorite Star Creeper. This one has teeny leaves and flowers. Just darling for any garden in miniature! Rare. 

Pratia, or Star Creeper, can be invasive in some areas but we have enjoyed it as a reliable spreader in our miniature gardens here in the PNW. You can enjoy it in a container, or use it as a border plant. It's perfect between stones, cascading over a wee wall or down the edge of a container. 

It doesn't tolerate dry soil so by planting it in a cool sun, part sun or part shady spot, you can control the soil moisture easily.

As it spreads, it will send down roots every few inches. You can transplant these little starts elsewhere in the garden to fill-in holes or to create a new miniature garden. A low maintenance plant when put it the right place.

  • White flowers throughout the summer, from May to Sept.
  • evergreen
  • 1" high 
  • keeps spreading if left alone
  • cool sun to part sun
  • let it dry out between watering to avoid over-watering
  • hardy in zones 5 to 7, or hardy to -20F
  • heat hardy zones 7 to 5 
  • great for containers, trim runners in spring to control growth
  • can be invasive in-ground in some areas, trim runners in spring or shovel-prune judiciously
  • an outdoor plant 
  • comes in a 4" pot



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From Susan in CA:

 “ Dear Janit,  The trees arrived on Thursday.  They look wonderful!  Thank you for your advice too. “