Large Size / One-Inch Scale

This is our most popular scale for the miniature garden.

About Large Size / One-Inch Scale

1 inch = 1 foot

This scale is written different ways, depending upon the hobby:
Large Size = One Inch Scale = 1:12 = 1/12th scale

How to Use Large Size / One-Inch Scale in the Miniature Garden

Large sized accessories are ideal for miniature gardens that are in 8" pots, or bigger. If you use this scale on any container smaller than 8" the accessory will look too big. 

This is the scale for in-ground miniature gardens. Anything smaller is a lot trickier to keep track of in an in-ground setting. This size can be seen from a distance as well, so you, and yours!, are able to appreciate your hard work in designing and caring for your miniature garden scenes. 

If you want the most variety of miniature garden accessories, stay with this scale for the best selection.

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