Child's Play Miniature Water Fountain

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A very sweet miniature garden statue to reminds us to "Play Each Day!"

Friends helping friends or a brother/sister combination - it's up to you. It's a fun version of the traditional and nostalgic children playing with a drinking fountain - in miniature.

The fountain looks like it was made out of the base of a tree.

  • Nice detail
  • Mossy green / gray color
  • Stained resin holds up the weather easily
  • Not staked
  • 2 ¼" wide by 1 ⅜" deep by 3" tall
  • Large size, 1" scale

*This is a scaled miniature product. Not a toy.

*Limited supply, manufacturer has retired.


From Barbara in FL:
Hey you guys!! I got my order a few days ago and it looks wonderful as always!