Miniature Garden Gnome - The Helper Gnome

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This guy is ready for action and is on hand to help you with whatever you need! The Helper Gnome will indeed help you with your miniature garden chores or you fairy garden chores. I bet if you ask nicely, he'll do anything for you!

Add a touch of whimsy to your miniature garden with this little guy! The colorful design stands out in any mini garden bed. Perfect for fairy gardens, of course.

The color holds well for a couple of years, but treat bi-annually with UV protectant spray to keep colors at their best.

  • Painted plastic
  • About 2 3/8" tall
  • Nicely detailed
  • Educated in all aspects of life and living
  • Staked on a rod to hold it's place in the garden soil
  • Large size or 1" scale

Not meant for young children.