Simple and Authentic Miniature Garden Patio Solutions

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Miniature Garden Patio Solutions


Why compromise for authenticity in the miniature garden when you don't have to? It's the realism that creates the enchantment! Here at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center, we see the need for authentic stone for our miniature patios and pathways because we "get you." We are miniature gardeners too. 


Why Use Authentic Solutions for Your Miniature Garden Patios or Paths?


1.) They are easily available, see our selection here. 


2.) They are much better for the environment. Those plastic paths and resin decks will fade in the sun too quickly and are going to end up in the landfill. Our stone and wood solutions are natural and authentic and you can keep re-using them in different garden designs and fun themes, like Halloween. 


3.) They age gracefully and look terrific for years, just like a full-sized deck or stone patio! They'll get the wee bits of moss growing between the cracks that just looks too darling for words...


An inground miniature garden pathway

We've Got Choices & Solutions for YOU!

We have a rotating selection of REAL stone sheets for your miniature patios and tiny pathways. Perfect for fairy garden and railroad gardens too! We have true terra cotta brick sheets and cedar decks that are made in the USA too.

And while you are there, check out our exclusive Mini Patio Mix Kit to "lock-in" your patios and stones so they will last and won't wash away when you water. Find two different sizes of Mini Patio Mix bulk kits too.



The stone pathway you see in the above photo was made with our Pink Flagstone Sheet, shown below. The stone likes terrific in the miniature garden and the colors stay bright and fresh - it's real stone! It won't fade in the sun. 



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