Simple and Authentic Miniature Garden Patio Solutions

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Miniature Garden Patio Solutions
Why compromise for authenticity in the miniature garden when you don't have to? Here at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center we use authentic stone for our miniature patios and pathways.
Well, first and foremost, because we can. Second, because they are made of stone. And lastly, because where, in the full-size world, would you have a patio made of resin? The plastic fades in the sun and ultimately becomes landfill. Stone lasts forever.

See our Patio and Path department here.

See our growing selection of REAL stone sheets for your miniature patios and tiny pathways. Perfect for fairy garden and railroad gardens too! We have true terra cotta brick sheets and cedar decks that are made in the USA too.

And while you are there, check out our exclusive Mini Patio Mix Kit to "lock-in" your patios and stones so they will last and won't wash away when you water. Copy-cat products exist, but they won't be to scale! Find two different sizes of Mini Patio Mix bulk kits too.


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