Indoor Miniature Gardening: How to Figure Out Your Indoor Light

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Indoor Miniature Gardening

If you're like me, and need plants around you at all time and in every room. A room without a plant is lifeless and drab in my opinion. So here is a quick way to judge the light that you get indoors, so you can either find the right indoor plants that suit that spot OR figure out if you need to add more light with grow-blubs if you want more to grow more indoor plants. 

So, here it goes. It's super easy: 

Go to the place in your home in the middle of the day where you want to grow a miniature garden. Hold your hand over the spot. If you see a strong shadow, it's bright light. If you see a fuzzy shadow, it's medium light. If you see very little to no shadow, it's low light. 

Note that most plants that need "bright light" may not tolerate the direct sun shining through your windows in the spring and the fall. The sun's rays may scorch the plant's leaves. Simply diffuse this direct sunlight with a sheer or lace curtain - or move the pot away from the sun's rays for a couple of weeks as the sun moves through this stage.

See? I told you it was easy.

 Realistic Miniature Gardening


Hold your hand over the spot where you want to grow something.
Strong shadow =bright light.
Fuzzy shadow = medium light.
Little to no shadow = low light.  

Light Matters

There are usually two ways to kill an indoor plant: the quick way is to forget to water it. The other way, which takes a bit longer, is to not have enough light for the plant's survival. How many times have I killed a plant with the "Death by Light" method? Many. Too many to count. Had I had this little trick to help define my indoor light needs, I would have saved a lot of indoor plants and be wintering in my very own jungle right now. :o)

How to Add Plant Light To Any Room

You can add light to any room or office with the new grow bulbs that fit into regular lamps - so you don't have to have those ugly industrial-looking lights in your living room. Find these grow-bulbs at any hardware store or online. 

Also, and, as well as, with this new indoor gardening trend, there are a LOT more options for grow lights and lamps that will suit your decor. We're no longer tied to those industrial-looking florescent lights any more. 

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