Moose Garden Art Metal Silhouette

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Exclusively ours! This moose miniature garden art is made of metal and will last forever in your miniature garden! It's the real deal - but miniaturized - just how we like it here a Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center. 

As a spirit animal, the moose symbolizes intuition, intelligence, integrity and to always stay true to yourself. 

In pop culture, the moose has become an icon for the Northern Exposure comedy-drama series as well as a mascot for Canadians, eh. :o)

  • Made of metal
  • Stake is welded on
  • 4 inches tall 
  • Push him down so he stands just on top of the soil
  • Large size, 1-inch scale

*May have sharp edges, not meant for children.



My order is awesome!! Thank you so much. Everything arrived in tip-top shape!!
- Lyn, CA