Miniature Picnic Bench

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An awesome little picnic bench for the miniature garden patio! Perfect for setting up for a party! Time to invite the friends... :o)

This new design is very well-made and sturdy. It really is a well-done miniature! 

Have fun decorating it throughout the seasons or for any kind of special occasion. 

  • Nicely scaled
  • Very sturdy design
  • Stained Wood
  • Not sure if weatherproof, will probably age and weather naturally if left out in the elements.


  • 5 3/4" long
  • 2 3/16 wide
  • 2 ¼" tall


  • 5 3/4" long
  • 1 1/16" wide
  • 1 ¼" tall

- Large size or 1" scale

*A scaled miniature replica, not meant as a toy.