Pebbles, Ivory, Tumbled Stone

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A How-To Install a Mini Pebble Patio PDF download is included! The way we put our Two Green Thumbs' pebble patios together can stay together for a long time in the miniature garden, they stay clean and dirt-free AND you can reclaim/reuse about 95% of them when you need to redo the patio! 

These ivory miniature pebbles are soft and consistent in color. Pretty ivory color stands out nicely against the soil and greenery. 

Use the pebbles to make a pathway leading from the main patio to another secret mini garden spot. See the  - or for the whole patio itself.

**PRO-TIP - Cut a piece of mesh or landscape cloth to fit where the pebbles will be in your miniature garden bed for underneath your pebbles. This will let the rain through and keep your stones cleaner for a longer amount of time. See our supply section for your Mesh and Cloth Set. 



One ounce of pebbles covers 1 square inch, 1 inch deep. (8 ounces are ½ a pound.)

For a patio that is 4" x 4" -->  4 x 4 = 16 square inches. So you will need 16 ounces or 1 lb of pebbles. This is for a 1" deep patio so if you don't need it that deep, this quantity will go a bit farther.

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*Not a toy, not meant for young children.