Caribbean Sunrise Stone Patio Sheet

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A very pretty and colorful choice for your miniature garden design, for in containers or in-ground.

Fantastic colors for the miniature garden are perfect for fairy gardening too. The peach, cream and copper colored stones contrast perfectly with the greens in the garden.

  • Mesh can be trimmed with scissors
  • Stones are easy to peel off to re-glue and fill-in in spaces where you need them
  • Use gloves when peeling off stones
  • Stone is freeze proof 
  • Can work for 1/2" scale (1:24) as larger pavers/flagstones
  • Can work for the 1" scale for regular stone patio 
  • Perfect for the dollhouse flooring too


LARGE SHEET is roughly* 12" x 12" and will cover 144 square inches
SMALL SHEET is roughly* 6" x 6" and will cover 36 square inches

*Edges of sheets are not straight - they are made that way to hide the seams/edges when laying out large areas.


Use our Mini Patio Mix Kit to Install Your Stone Sheet!

Create a perfect-fitting patio right in your miniature garden with our own Mini Patio Mix Kit. A custom solution that will NOT wash away in the rain or when you water your garden.

  • For indoor or outdoor use,
  • Weatherproof & durable
  • Perfect scale for the most discerning miniaturist
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Ages authentically
  • Can be walked on!

*This is a scaled miniature product and intended for adult use only.

From Vickie in California:
 “ Thank-you for the shipping refund, it is always a pleasure doing business with such a good company! “