Adirondack Garden Chair with Footrest, Red

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Sit back and enjoy! An authentic miniature garden Adirondack chair and footrest set! Painted wood, it'll age and weather like any painted wood left outside in the garden. It's the real deal!

Give your eye a place to sit. The red color pops against the greens of the garden bed and can add to any occasion-themed or holiday-themed miniature garden setting. 

  • Well built
  • Dado joints in all the right places for sturdiness
  • Chair is 3" long by 2 ½" wide by 3 ¼" tall
  • With footrest, it's almost 5" long
  • Made of wood
  • Painted wood
  • Large size or 1" scale

Bring inside for the winter/snowy months to make it last longer! It will weather and age naturally like wood does but it looks really, really cute and authentic - and it's made of real wood so you can refinish it easily. (Just be sure to handle it carefully if you choose to sand it and refinish it, it's still a miniature.)

*Other accessories and plants shown in the photos are not included.

*This is a scaled miniature product and intended for adult use only.