Tiny Zombie Gnome, Pastor Prime

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Well, well, well. Pastor Prime is most-definitely-almost-CERTAINLY past his prime! This little guy just cracks me up. I do believe there is a tiny spider on his hat and a wee rat by his boot. The wee tombstone says "Gnome Sweet Gnome." Very fun. 

He's staked on a rod so he will NOT wander away when you're not looking... scared yet? 

Supply is limited.

  • Painted resin
  • Staked on a rod
  • 1 ¼" tall
  • Small to Medium size, or ¼" to ½" scale.

*Not a toy, not meant for young children.

From Lisa in MD:
Thank you, Janit. You're amazing. Great ideas. I'll be buying you a cup of coffee for sure!